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About Us

DIVINE ENTERPRISES, located at Chennai and established in the year 2016, are manufacturers of Industrial Fans, Blowers, Air pollution,Control Equipments systems.Though we are a newly registered Unit, our Engineers are technically strong having more than two decades of experience in this field. With a thorough and well equipped technical expertise and advanced engineering skills, we assure to give the best solution and equipments to meet your requirements.
We are offering world class vibration analysis for various industries spread across the country. Our engineering skill and expertise helps industries to improve plant reliability / efficiency / capacity that reduces production loss and maintenance cost objectives.
Our reputation for safety and innovation is proven and unparalleled. We serve clients involved in the sugar industry, boiler industry, rice industry, fertilizer industry, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, pharma industry, steel industry offering our customers the world’s most advanced air pollution equipments and systems.
At Test Devices we focus on a careful review and understanding of what our customers need, working with them to develop the most realistic test scenarios possible – precisely simulating the arduous conditions rotating components will face in real life.
Our evaluations and data help our customers improve the accuracy of their lifting models, reduce the risk of engine test cell failures, shorten testing programs, and lower the cost of testing.